Secondhand Sureshots

[vimeo 24183764 w=620 h=349]

Great little film that Dublab put out a few years back. Fantastic beat makers J Rocc, Ras G, Daedelus, and Nobody all get $5 each to buy dollar bin records to make a beat. Seeing the process of what they look for in the records they buy and then seeing them head back to their work spaces to make music is really interesting. All of the music put together is great, but I’d have to say that J Rocc’s beat stole the show in my opinion.

The release for this film was also neat. The limited edition package included a picture disc vinyl set with screen printed gatefold cover, slipmats, and more which was pretty sweet. I’m happy to say that I picked this version up when it released. You can check out a bunch of photos of the limited edition goodies and see more details and promos for the movie over here. Fortunately a physical release with DVD and CD is still available for purchase over here as well.

Edit: I was reading about the set over on Discogs and found out the first 500 copies also included a hand-numbered, stamped, and printed paper slip inside which I took a photo of here. What was funny though is that of all of the numbers I could have gotten, I received 420 of 500. I thought this was worth pointing out given their smoking habits!

secondhand sureshots

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