Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Teaser)

Earlier last week someone posted the shaky cam video from the teaser shown at Coachella and everyone around the internet (including myself) has gotten even more excited about the new Daft Punk album that is releasing next month. Like the teaser for the song that was put out last month, the longer ad featuring Pharrell and Nile Rodgers was played on last night’s Saturday Night Live. It’s nice to finally see a high quality version of the video.

The song is really really good, it’s just too bad that we haven’t gotten anymore of it than this (it’s so short I have to keep playing it over and over again). I’m also digging the style of everything associated with this record so far like the album art, the stylized lettering of the album’s title, and just the way everything looks in the video above really. Right now I’d have to say that Random Access Memories and Danny Brown’s Old are two of my most anticipated releases of the year so far. Can’t wait for next month!

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