Upcoming Quasimoto ‘Yessir Whatever’ – Compilation Tracklist

quasimoto test press

Earlier today the Quasimoto Facebook page hinted at the following: “Now playing — Quasimoto “Yessir Whatever” LP test press”. Shortly after a post to Instagram showed a test pressing which you can see above.

Many around the internet have been incredibly excited about this, most thinking a new Quasimoto album is in the works. When I was at work I was getting excited about the idea myself. After coming home though I looked at the test pressing photo a little more closely and noticed that they already had a catalog number posted which is “STH 2326”. A quick search on Google has found that rather than a new album, Yessir Whatever will be a compilation of harder to find tracks from various sources and maybe some unreleased material (Here is the screenshot for evidence of this). The track list can be seen below and I’ve linked to where info can be found for each song (Stones Throw can be nazis about songs online so not all can be heard here):

1. Broad Factor
2. Seasons Change
3. The Front
4. Youngblood
5. Astronaut
6. Planned Attack
7. Brothers Can not See Me
8. Catchin ‘the Vibe
9. Am I Confused?
10. Sparkdala (Original Version)
11. Green Power (Original Version)
12. LAX to JFK

It’s too bad but I guess a new Quasimoto album was too good to be true. It will be nice to have a release with some of these tracks though since a lot of folks might not have heard this material before. The fact that this was said to be coming out in June 2013 makes a lot more sense given this new info. A thread over at STMB from back in November also mentioned the possible release of a Quasimoto compilation.

Screenshot with album info: quasimoto 2

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