Until The Quiet Comes (Video)

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted some actual music over here! Been busy listening to all these records I’m buying and with Turntable.fm which I’ve been frequenting a lot these days. Here’s a video that came out earlier this month with some selections from Flying Lotus’ new album Until the Quiet Comes. The full album can be streamed over on NPR right now. The record is incredible, I imagine after listening to this one a little more it will be my pick of the year (which up to this point had been Gangrene’s new album). This one is still on the Cosmogramma end, which is a bit more electronic and layered in comparison to Flylo’s earlier work and I am actually glad about this. I really enjoyed Cosmogramma and I think I would say this new album will even surpass it. This is something I am definitely going to get on wax, think I will go for the deluxe one that will be coming out. Even if I hadn’t listened to the whole thing on NPR, I think the 20-30 seconds from the first song of this video (which is from the ending of a track featuring Erykah Badu) would have sold me. Just listen to it, simply incredible.

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