Another visit to Easy Street!

easy street 3

Well I was checking out that sale over at Jive Time today, so I figured I might as well drop by Easy Street while I was in the area. Was very happy to see them carrying the new Brother Ali, wanted to pick this up on last Tuesday but didn’t see it there. Picked up Flying Lotus’ Los Angeles (great album!) and Peanut Butter Wolf’s PB Breaks which I wouldn’t have ever known about if it wasn’t for that cool Jsand mix I posted about a little while back. Spent enough money on those that I filled out my LP Club punch card for a free record which was sweet, decided to get RJD2’s Deadringer with it. I even got a few extra stamps after mentioning how I didn’t know about the LP Club until after my first trip there which was very nice (and if you are reading this and want proof, see my post about this trip!). Will have to try coming here less frequently, otherwise I’m going to spend too much money. All of these records I picked up today are going to sound great on my new turntable that will be coming in the mail early next week… Can’t wait!

(By the way, I think I’ve decided I like the Queen Anne store a little more. Their hip hop selection is a bit better and the parking is much easier!)

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