Silo Shellz x Y-DUB – The Struggle

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I’ve been receiving a decent amount of new followers on my Twitter since starting it last year. When I notice an artist following me I always try my best to check out at least a few songs to see if I’m feeling it. Got followed by Silo Shellz earlier and checked out the Soundcloud, was impressed with what I was hearing.

Above is a mixtape from Silo Shellz released earlier this month that features production from Y-DUB (according to Souncloud he’s only 18. Great beats from a young producer!). Really digging the more jazzy production from Y-DUB and Silo’s nice on the mic too. Not sure what it is about Detroit that produces so many good rappers but I’d definitely include Sillo Shellz as just another representative of this fact.

It is also interesting to me to see that Y-DUB is over in Europe. There have been a few relatively recent projects that I can think of where European producers work with Detroit emcees (See Paul White’s Rapping with Paul White or JR & PH7’s The Standard). No idea why the combination seems to work so well, but I’m a big fan! Definitely looking forward to hearing more from both Silo Shellz and Y-DUB.

You can download The Struggle for free over on Bandcamp.
Follow Silo Shellz & Y-DUB on Twitter to keep up with future releases.

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