Earl Sweatshirt – Hive

Never could have imagined saying this a year or two ago, but I have to admit that I’m really digging the music that’s been released this year from the OFWGKTA crew. Tyler’s Wolf has been a very surprising favorite of mine this year and the latest tracks from Earl and Hodgy have also been fantastic. From listening to these more recent releases it’s starting to feel like the group is developing a more mature sound which I suppose is only natural given how young these guys were when they started receiving more mainstream attention. It would be nice if the group’s more vocal fanbase could also mature, a lot of these kids are almost as bad as Bieber folks (Tyler even recognizes this on Wolf).

Above is the new track from Earl which will be appearing on his first solo album Doris that releases August 20th. If the album is as consistently good as Hive, Whoa, and Chum (these tracks will all appear on the album) I think this will be one of the year’s better releases. Earl has always been the strongest rapper in the collective in my opinion and with these tracks that have been released so far I think it’s relatively safe to say that Doris will meet the hype.

Definitely be sure to check out the videos for Woah and Chum if you haven’t already, all three of these music videos are great.

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