Best Christmas Present Ever!

It’s been months since posting over here, but I thought I’d write something up for an amazing present I got recently from someone very special to me. Back in November it was announced that Donuts would be re-released as a 7 inch box set and at the time I wasn’t really sure what to think about it. I’ve listened to the album a billion times and it’s probably one of my favorites albums ever made, but I was ready to sleep on it since I already have the original 2LP and was just going to buy the updated cover version of it. I also figured I’d be able to grab it pretty easily when it was released last month if I wanted to…

I am so happy that I have someone that was thinking with way more sense than I have (she’s never wrong!). I got a really cool Christmas card and inside she let me know what was on the way. I was very excited about this as even before receiving it I would put it right up there in top three presents I have ever received (and the first time I have ever gotten wax as a gift!). It arrived in the mail a few weeks ago and it’s incredible. It’s now sold out everywhere and on eBay for $100+, so I’m especially fortunate I have someone looking out for me!

As you can see in the photos above, the package they put together is really great. Better than that though, it sounds amazing. Jeff Jank mentioned over on STMB that this set sounds a little better than the LP version and after listening to the whole thing a few times I think I’d have to agree. It might also help that I’m using my new turntable setup which includes a nice Pro-Ject Debut Carbon + awesome Audio-Technica ATH-M50s (I will show this off eventually…). This is easily the best Donuts has ever sounded to me and this release just reinforces how truly important and amazing it was when it first came out. It definitely deserves every 10 it receives.

Thank you again Brooke! Every time I hear this album now I will think of you 🙂

Here’s a cool video they made using all the records from the set by the way:

Happy Dilla Month!

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