Stray Phrases – Donuts Tribute (Bonus Rappers Over Donuts Rant Included!)


This was originally a post that was meant to share this wonderful Donuts tribute by Stray Phrases but it ended up turning into a bit of a rant. I’ve spent too much time writing it now, so I’d feel bad deleting all of it. I’ll just hide it in the spoiler! I stand by the point I’m trying to make anyway, if you’d like to skip it feel free to. – Show ▼

Enough of this rant though (sorry!), here is what I consider a proper treatment of Donuts. During last year’s Dilla month the jazz trio Stray Phrases played a set for some small NYC bar that consisted of a cover of Donuts in its entirety. From start to finish they nailed every single aspect of this album in their own way. There were no raps, no singing, no gimmicks. Just the pure music that J Dilla created in jazz form. It’s amazing to me that a hip hop producer’s work can be integrated so well with traditional music, another fantastic representation of this seen in Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood Ferguson’s Suite for Ma Dukes. Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised though, seeing as how unique and talented Dilla was as a producer. He was truly one of a kind.

My only complaint with this performance was the obnoxious crowd. I’m curious as to whether anybody there realized what they were hearing. It’s a shame that there is no studio recorded version of the performance available, I would certainly purchase it if this were to ever happen. Sorry that this was a bit of a read, if you made it this far though here is a special surprise for you! Show ▼

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