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Discogs is an excellent resource for folks who collect records, CDs, or just about any other format of music. I first started using the site a few years ago when I was beginning to collect vinyl myself and I’ve continued to use it since then to check out releases from artists I’m just finding out about. It’s been awhile since I’ve used it for anything other than keeping track of records in my wantlist and purchasing stuff through sellers though, my collection page was incredibly out of date until just updating it a few minutes ago (Doing inventory the other night helped!).

I plan on keeping my collection up to date over at Discogs from now on since I really like the way I can link folks to my collection, so they can visually see the records I have and whatnot. I’m also going to start contributing releases again, which I actually started doing tonight. I had done this a bit a few years ago when I was using the site a lot, but I’ve been slacking as you can see!

Anyway, feel free to check out any of my pages below!
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