Yancey Boys – Sunset Blvd.

Really enjoying the new Yancey Boys record Sunset Blvd. that just came out recently. Above is the first track of the album, makes for a strong start to a great project.

Some folks had kind of mixed feelings about the previous Illa J album Yancey Boys, never really understood why some were disappointed by it. Given the other more mediocre treatments of posthumous Dilla material that exists, I felt like Yancey Boys was a solid effort that respected the legacy of the material being used. I suppose I agree with those who thought Illa J is a better rapper than singer, happy to say that there’s a bit more of a focus on the rap this time around on Sunset Blvd.

Ever since hearing The Throwaway last year (video below), I had a feeling that this project would be an improvement on the first one. After listening to the album a few times I’m confident in saying that it’s an even better effort by all of those involved. I would definitely recommend this to everyone, even to those who might not have been big on the previous record. The unreleased Dilla beats are worth it alone, the vintage-era sound represented is fantastic. You can grab both the record and instrumentals right now over at Delicious Vinyl.

ps: Jeep Volume is very dope, prob my favorite track off this one. Check the change up: [audiotube id=”JvYDpoI8EVY” size=”large” time=”no”]

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