Vex Ruffin (Album Stream)

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Full stream of Vex Ruffin’s self-titled debut album with Stones Throw. Since Vex signed with ST a few years ago I have had mixed feelings about the dude. I really enjoyed tracks like I’m Creative and Losing Control but was never really digging stuff like Crash Course. It wasn’t until this year’s fantastic Krista project with James Pants that I have grown to appreciate his music better (God I wish this could become a full album).

Upon first listen of this record I have to say that it turned out quite well. Some of Vex’s previous stuff has been a bit too noisy for my taste, seems like a lot of this was toned down for the album which I feel like was for the best. Standout tracks to me are Hard On Myself, It Will Come, and Ruined. Also really really love the track Forget It, would be amazing to get a full Vex project of this type of material. Overall I must say that this is a strong release, I can certainly see why Peanut Butter Wolf signed him now.

On a different note, I really wish I lived in the LA area. I keep missing out on all the badass stuff Stones Throw does down there. This time around they held an awesome listening party with super short notice, some great photos of the little event over here. What I’m especially jealous of is the fact that they gave out a super limited special release of the album on wax which can be seen below. Will keep an eye out for any of these that go on sale, but I imagine they’ll go for way more than I can afford.

vex ruffin vinyl

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