Unreleased Lambo

Some unreleased Lambo tracks sent my way, awesome stuff. I imagine people know him more for his association to ESGN & Freddie Gibbs, but he has also put out some music/videos and artwork in the past. Even have a 7″ for Computer Bagel / My Red Volvo that was released years ago by Stones Throw under “Flux Capacitor Records”. Really diggin both tracks above, though I especially like the James Pants vibe of Future Burrito. You can download these tracks over here. Below is Lambo’s amazing video for the original version of Computer Bagel.

ps: Future Burrito Disclaimer:

This song is dedicated to those nights when it’s 10 pm and you just know you’ll end up eating a burrito before the sun rises again…A time machine of sorts…A vessel ahead….A Future Burrito….

Future Burrito by Lambo

I’m so hungry I could die
I want chicken, beans, and rice
You do something
Something to me
You’re all I want
Want to eat

The night’s moving slow
And I Need To know
Future Burrito, Future Burrito (2x)

I am so hungry for your love
So take me to the taco truck

I am so hungry for your touch
So take me to the taco truck

Future Burrito…….

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