Toro Y Moi – Grown Up Calls (Live)

Great live performance of Grown Up Calls, easily my favorite Toro Y Moi song. I’ve been listening to Anything in Return again the last couple nights which is still in my top three for album of the year. I’ve read a lot of things online from fans/reviews who were kind of upset that Chaz Bundick moved away from the more “chillwave” sound of Causers of This which I think is kind of a bummer. I’m a big fan of his move into pop, though maybe it is easier to accept this new direction given I had never heard of Toro Y Moi until this latest album. Going back through all his records, I still feel like this is the best material (though his previous albums are great as well). It’d be great to see Toro Y Moi live sometime, all of the performances I have seen have been fantastic including the one above.

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