2v Sides of the Same: Spittin’ Images

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Happy to share even more new material here from my friend Avant-Garde. His second full length project of the year 2v Sides of the Same: Spittin’ Images was dropped late last month and again I have to say I’m a big fan of the music he’s been putting out.

He’s had a very productive year given the two tapes dropped in addition to other tracks he’s been featured on and released this year. Some dudes in the game can get caught up in the quantity over quality mindset and I think it’s very important to note that this does not apply to Avant-Garde. While he’s releasing new music at a relatively quick pace, it becomes very clear by listening to his work that there’s still a lot of thought and quality going into the craft of his music. The consistent output of tracks instead becomes a method of continually delivering fresh material to the people who should definitely be giving him the attention he deserves.

Every new release from Avant-Garde has become my favorite of his and this continues to be true for 2v Sides of the Same: Spittin’ Images. He’s always been great on the mic and continues to develop this skill, but I feel like the greater development of his music has been most noticeable on the mixing and production end in every subsequent project. When I first started listening to his music the mixing could be a little rough around the edges at times and the production often consisted of beats from other tracks. This new release and his last project Pigeon show that he’s becoming more experienced behind the boards and the addition of fresh production is definitely nice to see as well (checkout that production on Suit Jacket, great stuff). Definitely recommend keeping Avant-Garde on your radar, he’s going to be someone you hear about pretty often in the future I think.

Download 2v Sides of the Same: Spittin’ Images & Pigeon, these projects absolutely deserve a listen. Follow @Avant_GardeMC to keep up with future releases.

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