Quasimoto Slow-Mo: Madlib as Lord Quas

To celebrate the release of the new Quasimoto compilation Yessir Whatever I thought it would be cool to share a video I made many years back. In the video above I made a compilation of Quasimoto tracks with sections that are put in slow motion. Using this method, you can hear Madlib rapping as Lord Quas. Madlib achieves the Quasimoto effect by rapping over a slowed version of a beat he’s using and then speeds it up.

It’s interesting to hear what it would have sounded like when he was recording the song, there does seem to be a difference between how he raps as himself and as Quas (the voice he uses in the record store skit is also funny!). Definitely grab yourself a copy of Yessir Whatever, it’s a great comp.

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