Random Access Memories (8-Bit Version)

daft punk 8 bit

Was reading Kotaku the other day and saw this 8-Bit style performance of Random Access Memories by Joe Jeremiah which I thought was pretty neat. I figure it would be relatively easy to do one of these for Daft Punk’s previous records given how electronic they are and thought it was impressive that Joe was able to show that their more live instrumental music from RAM could still be broken down to this type of sound. I feel like it would be perfect for some awesome NES game.

While listening to the video at work I thought about making an album cover to fit the music and ripping a downloadable copy for those interested. You can see the cover I made above and the song is available for download here. If you’re digging this I’d recommend checking out Joe Jeremiah’s Youtube for more. A video of the Random Access Memories performance can be seen below:

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