Record Collection (May 2013 Update)

2013 collection

It’s been over a year since sharing my collection, figured it’s about time for an update here. As you can see from the photo above, a job can make a huge difference in the amount of records I buy… This was getting pretty crazy last year especially with a bunch of stops to record stores in Seattle. I’m living a lot closer to the city now and with some extra spending money it was hard to resist going over there and dropping a bit of cash. I’m still picking stuff up pretty regularly these days but not splurging as often as I had when first starting my job. Not only have I picked up a lot more records, but my turntable setup has seen a much needed improvement as well. What I have now is definitely a lot nicer than what I was rocking back in college.

I also really like my new way of storing records. The old plastic crates I was using back in the day were alright, but the Expedit shelve system from Ikea feels like it was designed specifically for record collections. After reorganizing some stuff a few nights ago I was surprised to notice I am starting to outgrow the 2×2 system I have right now. I will probably be getting another shelve (thinking 4×1 for next one) here pretty soon. The size of the shelve I have now is also perfect for handling my setup too as you can see in the photo.

Right now I have my records organized in a certain way. The top left is my Stones Throw vinyl and the bottom left are my newer records. The top right is a mix of older/used records and my newest records I’ve added to my collection. The bottom right is where I’m storing my box sets and larger gatefolds. I will probably sort these out alphabetically some day but for now the order of records on each shelve is pretty random (newer stuff or those I’m listening to more often are on the left basically).

Well that’s my collection right now! Since taking the photo I’ve already gotten a few more records in, so my collection is still continuing to grow. I might just make a yearly collection update to see just how much progress I’ve been making as time goes on. It’s interesting to me to look back at my post from last year and compare it to where I’m at now. Below is a nifty GIF with closer photos of each shelve I have.

2013 collection gif

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