Easy Street – West Seattle

easy street visit 2

Payday today! To celebrate the new gear I bought online tonight (some great stuff coming next week!), I decided to go look for the West Seattle Easy Street. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been around the West Seattle area, fortunately I was able to find the shop this time around. Got there around 6-7pm and the shop was pretty much empty. This location has vinyl upstairs, so I had that whole area to myself which was kinda nice. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I came in here tonight thinking the hip hop selection would be a little bigger. To my surprise, I think I would say that the Queen Anne shop had more! It’s disappointing to see the lack of hip hop in these shops, but maybe it is for the best. With the limited selection I was still able to burn through $140 quick. Can’t imagine how bad it would be if they had everything I wanted!

Still found some great stuff in the shop tonight. Picked up the last two Pixies albums I needed to complete my collection. They also had the Welcome 2 Detroit instrumentals which I was very happy about. Almost bought it online the other night, was pleasantly surprised to see a copy while shopping tonight. The RJD2 and Modest Mouse pickups are albums I played the crap out of back in the day, it’s nice to finally have them on wax. The A-Trak 12″ I mainly bought because of the cool colored vinyl but the tracks are also pretty good. Didn’t see that Danny Brown was on it, would have been enough right there to convince me to grab it.

easy street lp club card

After paying for my records tonight I was given a little stamp card that is part of their “LP Club”. I really like this, gives me incentive to come back again! I only wish I had gotten credit when I went to the Queen Anne store a few weeks ago, I would have a free LP by now! Edit: Mentioned this when I picked up some records today, got a few bonus stamps! Appreciate it a lot, very cool of them to do that.

Overall I’m happy with my shopping experience at Easy Street. I appreciate the fact that they are not constantly bothering you, asking if you need help like at some other bigger stores. They just let you dig around and find what you are looking for. My only wish is that they would stock up on some more hip hop, though I suppose there isn’t a huge demand here in the Seattle area which is too bad. Completely understand why the pickings are slim. Like I said in my last post about Easy Street, I would recommend these shops to people looking for new vinyl. Just realize they stock far more Rock/Pop than anything else.

Edit: I completely forgot to mention that I could not find a copy of Brother Ali’s new album tonight!!! This was very disappointing, thought they would be carrying it here of all places considering Seattle native Jake One produced the entire album. Guess they might not have distribution with Rhymesayers or something, was too bad though since I really wanted to pick it up. Will have to buy this one online I guess. They had it at the Queen Anne store tonight, picked it up!

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