Action Bronson – Imported Goods & Diana Ross – Brown Baby

Was listening to the AEIOU mix that I posted about a few days ago this afternoon and was really digging the Diana Ross tune that makes an appearance about half way through. Diana Ross is always great, but the music behind her in Brown Baby is amazing. The very beginning is also something that would be perfect for a flip, I figured there was no way that this was slept on. My guess was right after a quick search over at Who Sampled.

There are some good candidates there on the list that I could have shared, but I ultimately decided on Imported Goods. I’ve actually heard this one before either on or, which is why I guess the Diana Ross tune sounded familiar to me. I haven’t been following Action Bronson as much as I probably should be, but I have enjoyed everything I have heard of his so far. Not sure who did the production on this one, but they nailed the flip of Brown Baby. It is how I imagined a beat using the beginning section would turn out, it is perfect. I’ll have to listen to some more Bronson stuff though, I’m afraid I’ve been sleeping on his music a bit.

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