Package from Greece!

mail package greece

This showed up in the mail sometime last week, shipped all the way from Greece.

Check out what was inside!: record greece

I just had to have this record. It’s not the original pressing as it is pretty rare and wasn’t for sale on eBay or Discogs. Fortunately it got a repress in 2003 over in Europe and folks still have it for sale. Cost me $40 to have it delivered here to America, but at one point I had originally offered folks $20 just to find out where I could find the track I wrote about a few weeks ago. Figured getting it on wax for $20 more wasn’t too bad!

The entire album is fantastic, it has been my sleep music since receiving it. Props to Off The Record for shipping the album so well (the packaging kept the record safe during the long trip overseas). I’ve included another favorite off this one below, check it out!

[audiotube id=”nsQgjM17lJg” size=”large”]

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