Everyday Shooter

Soundtrack Download

One of the coolest music games I have ever played. Was very excited about the concept of this one when I first heard about it back in 2007. Every level contains a different gameplay mechanic/environment and unlike the usual explosion effects that you would hear in your typical shmup, you instead add guitar riffs to the excellent soundtrack as you destroy your enemies. Even more impressive about this game is the fact that it was completely made by a single person, the very talented Jonathan Mak. The first Playstation 3 I owned was honestly purchased for this game as there wasn’t much else to play back then. Fortunately it got a PC release on Steam, I would highly recommend grabbing it there if you don’t have a PS3/PSP (Plays great with the 360 controller on PC!). The port to PC also allowed me to rip the soundtrack, which is available to you here. The background soundtrack is nice, but to achieve the full greatness of the music you should really play it. The gameplay really adds to the listening experience!

Definitely check this game out if you have any interest in shoot ’em ups, easily one of the best ones I have played.

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