Turntable.fm – Hip Hop : Shaolin Temple

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I’ve been a Turntable user since around the time the site started up earlier last year and over the last week or two I’ve started to get back into the site after a short hiatus. Used to spend hours sitting in the various hip hop rooms, chatting with some cool folks while discovering some new music at the same time. Coming back to the site after a few months, it looks like a lot of the hip hop community is a little more split up now, but there are still some great places to hang out in if you want to hear some good music and talk to some nice people. I will try to feature some of my favorite rooms here on my site.

The first room I would like to share is Hip Hop : Shaolin Temple. I’ve noticed a lot of the old members I used to hang out with frequent this room often and I can see why. Lots of awesome plays over here, especially if you are a big Wu-Tang fan (and who isn’t???). I’ve seen Wu rounds before on TT, but I don’t think I have ever seen a group play nonstop for almost an hour like we did tonight! There’s certainly more music in the room than just the Wu-Tang Clan, but it’s nice to chill with some people who don’t mind a round or two of their material. The room also has an excellent bot that keeps everything running smoothly and there’s always a decent sized group to play with. Drop in sometime if you want to listen to some good stuff.

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