After many years of fighting cancer, MCA has passed away today. Very sad news, it’s still hard to believe he is really gone now. If it wasn’t for the cancer, I swear the Beastie Boys would still be rocking it till they are old grandpas! I had been under the impression that his cancer treatment was going well and that he was getting better over the years but I guess that wasn’t the case. While all three of the Beastie Boys are amazing, MCA was especially awesome to me. The video above is my favorite representation of his skills on the mic. Every time I listen to B-Boy Bouillabaisse, I must turn the volume up to the max while this part is playing.

The Beastie Boys have been a huge part of my music life, so his passing is especially sad to me. I think I will be listening to a lot of their work these next couple of days to celebrate the fantastic music they have given us over the decades.

RIP Adam Yauch, you will be missed…

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