ex wife ​- ​New Colors

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These days I don’t really look for new bands/rock music to listen to, but was very happy to come across this fantastic record from ex wife. Found out about this album while browsing Evil Weevil Records’ catalog (the label that released DLH’s punk album). Just happened to think the artwork was interesting and listened to it on Bandcamp, immediately purchased the LP afterward. I have a hard time thinking of how to describe the music found on this release, kind of a spacey/psychedelic punk sound is the best way I can put it. Definitely recommend checking this record out, it is easily one of my favorite releases this year (2013 Albums of the Year coming soon!!!). If you’re going to pick up the vinyl, I recommend the great looking yellow version as seen below! Be sure to follow ex wife on Facebook for future work and shows.

ex wife new colors

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