Pixies – Bagboy (Music Video)

NEW PIXIES!!!! We have been waiting for many years and it is finally here! Very very very happy to hear some new music from the Pixies (Can you tell?). Not only do we get a new song but also an interesting music video to go along with it. Hopefully this means we will get a new album here soon as well.

It’s crazy to think about how it has almost been a decade since the last time there’s been new music from the band. I still remember hearing Bam Thwok premiered on 107.7 The End as a kid (Back when the station didn’t suck ass like it does now). I personally think this new track Bagboy sounds a lot more like the Pixies releases from the 90s (a good thing!), after listening to it a few times now I have to say I’m really digging it. Very excited just thinking about the new future of the band. Easily the best news I’ve been able to share here on this site so far.

You can check out the band’s new website for a download of the track.

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