Black Milk on The Engadget Show

Good interview with Black Milk on the latest episode of The Engadget Show. It’s nice to see an artist like him featured on a gadget blog, lots of that stuff can be involved with the making of hip hop music. Black Milk’s collection of analog gear that is shown off is sweet. It is interesting to hear about his creative process and music setup, actually pretty surprised by how simple looking his space is given all of his fantastic production. I actually think it’s awesome that his music is made in just a pretty basic room studio.

His discussion of the transition from digging records to digging for music online describes one of the cooler aspects I think has come for music discovery in recent times. I’ve heard older folks that aren’t as accepting to the practice of digging on a site like Youtube for example, so it’s nice to hear a well respected producer like Black Milk talking about the positive aspect of this during the interview. I imagine that as more of the internet generation becomes more dominant in the hip hop production scene, digging online will be just as common of a practice as digging at the record store is. It seems like Black Milk has found a balance between the digital and analog side and I think that’s where I’d like to consider myself at as well.

You can check out the entire episode here!

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