Dr. No’s Infected Gadget Mix

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/waxramble_radio/drnos-infected-gadget-mix/ width=100% height=208 light=1 hide_cover=1 hide_tracklist=1]


Was listening to some random mixes last night and ran into this one. Dr. No’s Infected Gadget mix is a beat tape with Oh No flipping a bunch of Inspector Gadget samples. Oh No has made some heavy beats, but I think I can safely say these are some of the heaviest. I’m a huge fan of Oh No’s projects where he decides to focus on a single sample source/idea and completely destroy it (I think there are more of these than normally produced albums from Oh actually). It is cool when producers use a variety of sample types for their albums, but it takes someone very talented in my opinion to use related source material for beats that make up an entire album/mixtape. Oh No always brings the heat when it comes to these projects.

The mix is actually a couple of years old. A number of hip hop artists made some mixes and beat tapes that were sponsored by VTech (kind of a strange sponsor) and this was one of them. There were some really great mixes put together for this sponsorship but for some reason they were all taken down from the website that hosted them. You can still find a download link here and there for some of these, but I imagine most of the mixes will be forgotten which is a shame. The beats on this Gadget mix are way too good to be abandoned which is why I’ve decided to upload it for folks who are interested. If you are digging it you can go ahead and download it as well! I might get around to uploading some more of the other VTech mixes, lots of good music to be had from them.

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