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Was listening to this soundtrack the other night on iTunes and I figured I would share it over here. Le Samourai is an excellent French flick from the late 60s that I would highly recommend checking out (you can read about the film over here). I found out about this one after watching Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai which stars the always awesome Forest Whitaker and features some great music from RZA. Ghost Dog was basically a late 90s reinterpretation of Le Samourai. Kind of hard to say which one is better as they are both good movies in their own ways.

For some reason the soundtrack for Le Samourai is incredibly hard to find. It never got a release on wax (as far as I’m aware!) and the only CD with the music available is one that is always out of stock and could only be imported as seen here on Amazon. About three years ago I found the soundtrack through some “other” method and was able to share it with the world. The video above is a sampler I made back then on my super old Youtube channel, it is one of the more popular videos on that account with over 40k views as of writing this post. I’m actually proud of this since my video is Google’s first result if you search for “Le Samourai Soundtrack”. I imagine most folks coming to this page will be looking for the full thing… I’m happy to say you can still download the entire soundtrack right here!

Francois de Roubaix was the one responsible for the fantastic score of the film. If you read the Wikipedia page it is kind of sad to find out that he died in a diving accident in the mid 70s. I haven’t watched any of the other films that he had made music for, but that is definitely something I need to remember to do!

Check out the trailer for the film in the spoiler! –

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