Wordsworth – Coloring Book

Ran into this one from a recent Fat Beats newsletter a few days ago, really digging the track. I’m not very familiar with Wordsworth but after listening to some of his work on Youtube I can see why folks were getting pretty hyped for The Photo Album which is the album that just dropped recently. From what I have been reading he hasn’t put anything out since around 2004 so folks have been waiting for new material for quite some time. The music I have heard from the album is great, especially the tracks produced by Apollo Brown here and here (a collaboration between the two in the future would be nice!). I’m really feeling the production on the video above too, haven’t heard anything from The Are before but it is very nice here. Asked him about whether this would be getting a release on wax at all on Twitter and he wasn’t quite sure, hopefully Fat Beats might be able to get on that. This is definitely something I’d like to have on vinyl if it was made available.

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