@waxramble on Twitter!


So today I have finally decided to join Twitter (partly due to increasing peer pressure from @peachextract!). While I have yet to make a personal account of my own, I feel like a Twitter account for Wax Ramble is appropriate. It’s pretty cool to be able to connect with the artists that you enjoy and it’s also useful as a tool for shamelessly promoting my own stuff here as well I figure.

I have updated the site to include both Twitter and Facebook share buttons now. There’s also some new sidebar stuff so you can check out tweets and follow me over there if you’d like! I’ve had some ideas about how I will go about incorporating my Twitter activity with Wax Ramble, I will be working on some of that here pretty soon. After today I think I might get hooked to Twitter, so be sure to follow me over there for updates about this site and smaller things that might not pop up here.

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