Wax Ramble Live! & Youtube Channel


The other night I was thinking about getting an internet stream working from my physical turntable so that I could share some records with friends and whatnot. After spending a little time figuring out how to get my broadcasting software to recognize my line in from the turntable, it seems to have turned out pretty well. I’m not sure how often I will be using this, but it might be useful if/when Plug.dj decides to integrate some live streams to the site. Years ago I did a music stream that got a little popular on Justin.tv, but it appears that the music streaming there these days isn’t as active. This makes sense considering excellent sites like Plug.dj, Turntable.fm, Pandora, Spotify, etc etc etc are all great sources of music streaming now (Music streams on Justin.tv were the pioneers of this new age of social music sharing sites I like to think!)

Something that will see far more use is the official Wax Ramble Youtube channel. I have uploaded a lot of songs that are marked as private which can only be heard here on the site (these are usually the songs you will see as audio players) but I have been uploading more public content lately as well. It is hard to post music on Youtube these days without getting your account shut down and stupid things like that, so the public content will tend to be more original/unique stuff that is safe from all the legality crap.

So there you have it! To check out either of these pages, simply click on the corresponding banner that is displayed in the right sidebar of every page.

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