Nas x Will Sessions

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been listening to a bunch of Elmatic lately. Last night I was thinking about what Nas would sound like over the recreated beats by Will Sessions and to my surprise nobody has taken this idea and put something on Youtube yet. I was very bored so I figured I would go ahead and give it a shot. It was a bit disappointing to find out that many of the songs from Illmatic do not have acapellas and some of the ones that are available are not complete. This might be why nobody has bothered combining the two, but I tried my best to give an idea of what it would sound like. I think I matched them decently, with the exception of The World is Yours which was more difficult because of how much was missing from that acapella. From what I was able to do with the video though, I think the idea of Nas and Will Sessions getting together to do a live version of Illmatic would be pretty sweet.

Update: Re-uploaded this, the original video’s version of The World is Yours was just a little too off to me. I think the updated video above sounds a bit better, but still a little tough pairing that one due to the acapella that is available.

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