James Pants – New Interview & Mix

[vimeo 41894320 w=580 h=326]

Fantastic new video with James Pants brought to you by One O’Clock. Includes some live footage of a recent performance in Paris and a little insight into JP from a few of the questions he gets from them in the interview. The fear of hell bit was particularly interesting, especially in respect to Seven Seals. That album had a pretty dark sound to it (my interpretation anyway) and I have always wondered what was going on in his head with songs like I Promised I Lied especially (the transition that takes place in that song is still amazing to me). Wish they could have gone into more detail on this part, but I imagine he could go on for a bit talking about stuff like that I suppose. On the music side check that song at 2:35, what a jam. There’s also a cleaner version of his live drum bit that I had originally seen with his performance at the Boiler Room at 9:50.

james pants boom box

Stones Throw also put up ST Podcast 74 by JP the other night but quickly removed it for some reason (some on STMB are saying that it might be due to some crappy copyright issue). Fortunately I was able to get a download of it before this happened and I must say that it is fantastic (just as his other two ST Podcasts are!). It sucks because there was a neat story behind this podcast but it was also removed with the podcast post. From what I remember, James Pants recently donated his huge boom box collection to some museum in Germany (where he is currently living I believe) and the podcast was a performance he gave at an event there for the opening of the exhibit. This is what I believe I read anyway, I’m hoping that more information about this will be posted somewhere if the podcast isn’t returned. Above is a clip from the podcast, probably my favorite part of the mix. I’m not sure what the original song is, but the remix is so smooth!

Anyway, I can’t wait for more James Pants this year. His first release of the year was excellent, really looking forward to hearing even more new material.

UPDATE (6/28/12): Mix is back up over here.

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