Technical Difficulties (Fixed!)

technical difficulties

We’re back in business. The plugin that I was using has been updated to make the player work again somehow (still not sure how this is possible considering the new minimum embed requirements). No problems now though, have went back and fixed any posts that were having issues! Keeping the original post in the spoiler for reference in the future.
I noticed last night that the WordPress plugin that I was using to create audio players from Youtube hosted video has malfunctioned. Upon further investigation concerning the issue, it appears to be not a problem with the plugin but with the new standard of Youtube embeds instead. In the past it was possible to lower a video’s height to just the control function and the plugin that I was using made it look even nicer. Now it seems that this is no longer possible, thus forcing every Youtube embed to display video (If you look at the hundreds/thousands/etc of sites that might be using this, we are all having the same exact issue). So until either this standard changes back to normal or I find a good alternative, I have decided to remove a lot of these audio players from the site (those I have not replaced you may see some code instead).

I will continue to write and post normal videos as I have been doing a lot lately. It does mean that any future rambles that would normally feature the player will not be included for the time being unfortunately (I haven’t written an album ramble in awhile, but I do intend to work on some very soon!). Hopefully Youtube will give back this type of functionality soon as it is a very convenient way to share music in the articles that I write.

For my own reference (and anyone else curious) here is the problem I am having. The height is 25, which should only display the control panel. Instead it displays the video which is problematic as you can see here.


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