David Liebe Hart Band

[vimeo 39874164 w=580 h=326]

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge Tim & Eric fan. David Liebe Hart, a frequent guest on the show was easily one of my favorite parts about Awesome Show (I even own a painting I bought from him a few years ago). Since the conclusion of the program, DLH has continued working on his music. I remember listening to his stuff with Adam Papagan back in high school. These days he’s with a band playing punk music. I wasn’t quite sure how this would sound until hearing the recorded sessions included in this post. I must say that it is fantastic, the band he’s performing with is great. Right now he has a Kickstarter going on to help fund a recorded album, I’m really hoping he will reach his goal so we can get some more of this stuff (I put my $20 in!). Be sure to check out Violitionist for DLH’s thoughts about his time at SXSW 2012, Korendians, and the future of his music career.

Click for a couple more videos!
[vimeo 39874161 w=580 h=326]

[vimeo 39874162 w=580 h=326]

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