Giorgio Moroder Promo

I’ve been listening to a lot of Giorgio Moroder the past few nights so I thought I would share this video. Ran into this one while watching a bunch of Kraftwerk stuff on Youtube, thought it was pretty cool to see a little bit of his recording process in the studio. The vocoder work on the album he’s talking about (E=MC2) is awesome, especially on the song that he’s playing in the video.

I hadn’t really checked out his stuff until after looking into what sample was used for the middle portion of DOOM’s Gazillion Ear (which is also known as Phantom of the Synths). The Moroder sample from Midnight Express that was used in the song is fantastic, I’m a fan of a lot of the more electronic stuff Dilla was sampling. The interesting bit to me was that I hadn’t found out about Moroder from the more obvious sampling of E=MC2, which Dilla used for his song on The Shining of the same name. This seems to be where a lot of J Dilla fans have first heard about Moroder anyway.

After all of these years of listening to Coast to Coast AM, I also finally know where the theme song comes from!

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