DJ Devastate – Movement/Silence

I recently found out about this album from reading a post on STMB. After watching the album preview that you can see above, I immediately went over to Amazon to grab an MP3 copy that I could listen to that evening. Since downloading it, the album has become my “going to sleep” music for the past few weeks. I’m always a big fan of hip hop and jazz mixing together, so the very smooth and relaxing music that DJ Devastate creates by combining the two with this album provides a nice listening experience that is quite enjoyable to me. There’s a cool video over here that has him talking about the album as well. My favorite part is when it shows the guy who collaborated with him to record the keys over A Days Work (the beat and keys blend nicely together in the song as you can see here). If you dig what you hear in the preview above, you should definitely check out the full work.

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