Submission Impossible – The Artisans EP & Submission Control



Today I’m going to talk about two records in one post as they are the only works released from Submission Impossible (that I know of anyway). These records are very close to being my favorite part of my little collection of wax right now, as they are quite representative of what I really value when it comes to hip hop. Fresh beats (they even got Kan Kick on production!), positive vibes, and just a great listening experience all around. It’s very sad to me that these guys did not get more exposure, I can only imagine how fantastic a full album of this type of material would have been.

I found out about these guys many years ago after listening to a lot of Ill Again’s self titled album, which is another group that only ended up putting out one album and splitting (I will definitely be writing about them in the future). I don’t recall where Submission Impossible was mentioned by them (maybe their Myspace? This was quite a long time ago as you can see!) but I remember checking their website out since I figured if Ill Again had played with them they were probably good as well. To this day I’m still very happy that I did end up doing this considering as recent as this last week, I have continued listening to their work. I remember ordering a CD copy of the Artisan EP and when I received the package in the mail a burned copy of Submission Control had also been included. Since then their music has always had a dedicated spot on my iPod.

While I know that a lot of people have not heard of them, I have tried my best over the years to let people know about their work. In high school I remember telling folks to listen to them, playing their music specifically when someone wanted to use my iPod or when other people might be wishing to hear some music. In my video production class, I used the intro to Cool for Now in part of my final video project. In college I even gave my original CD copy and the burned disk that I ordered all those years ago to Michael Eric Dyson after a public speaking event that took place on my campus. I shook his hand after the event and asked if he would take a look at the music I brought along. I explained that to me this is personally my favorite representation of hip hop that I could think of sharing with him. I’m not sure what he thought of it himself, but I would like to think he enjoyed the music as well.

It was around this time that I got into contact with Veckter, asking him if he could sell me some more copies of the work. This was also about the time I started collecting vinyl, so I was incredibly happy to end up being able to grab some copies on wax as well. I have no idea how many of them were pressed, but I know they will always be well taken care of in my collection. I also found out about his new project Early to Rise and was very happy to hear some new music coming from him (this CD ended up being the music I would play in my first car for a while).

I have posted a couple songs from each of the releases above. What I enjoy most about these two records are the incredibly positive messages that are being expressed. In each and every song there is some good vibe that I really understand and appreciate. Considering how serious/negative rap can be often be delivered (and I do not mean this as something bad, there are many times that presenting material in this way can be important and of the best intentions), it is always nice to hear a more happier side existing within the genre of hip hop as well. Over the years I would listen to this music when I was in a crappy mood for whatever reason and it always made me feel better after hearing it. There isn’t a lot of music that makes me feel this way, which is just one of the reasons why Submission Impossible’s work is so special in my opinion.

If you managed to make your way through this post, it is probably pretty clear that I’d recommend anyone to check out both of these works from Submission Impossible. The Artisan EP is still available for purchase on Amazon and CD Baby. As for the Submission Control release, I’m not sure where anyone could find it. That being the case, I will host it here on my site for anyone to download below (If anyone has a problem with this, please let me know with an e-mail to, I will remove it if requested to). I hope that you will take the time to check these guys out, they are definitely worth listening to.

Songs included above are Artisans and Get Live from The Artisans EP & Cool for Now and Elle Effer from Submission Control. Submission Control may be downloaded here.

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