Homeboy Sandman

I hadn’t heard of Homeboy Sandman before his recent signing to Stones Throw, but I can certainly see why Peanut Butter Wolf would have been interested in having him on the label. Over the last week or so I have been listening to a lot of his past work and it’s pretty refreshing to see that emcees like him exist outside of where I would normally look for this type of music (Stones Throw and affiliated folks). I am very happy to see that he’s now working with ST, can’t wait to see if he does end up collaborating with some of the other artists on the label when his full album comes out later this year. He recently debuted with Subject: Matter, which is a 6 song EP release that I plan on grabbing very soon. Haven’t been able to listen to the full thing yet, but it is sounding excellent from the samples on the store page. I’m looking forward to listening to more Homeboy Sandman this year, will definitely be writing about his work as I continue to check it out.

Above is my favorite music video of his that I have seen so far, with some more videos and music included below.

More videos

Cool video, probably my favorite Sandman song that I have heard so far (really digging the production).

Props to Avant-Garde on this one, had forgotten about this video until he posted it on my Facebook the other day.

Not a music video, but this is great.

This is actually where I first found out about him signing to Stones Throw, think I might have originally seen it on STMB. Really digging the song that is playing on the video, hope that it gets released sometime (figured it would be on Subject: Matter, but not on there unfortunately. Maybe on the full album that is coming?).

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