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Madlib Interview w/ Dazed Digital

Absolutely fantastic interview with Madlib via Dazed Digital. Some great insights and new information, easily one of the better interviews I’ve read with Madlib (so much better than this recently…). The above was quite relevant to me, as what he’s describing has truly been his effect/influence on me and so many others in this younger generation. Definitely read the interview if you have any interest in this type of music or even ideal. Props to Tim Noakes for the great questions asked.

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Human Disease – JP & PV

Nice edit from Stones Throw’s newest signee Pyramid Vritra, featuring one of my favorite beats from JP’s Beat Archive PT 1. Looking forward to PV’s February debut on the label, everything I’ve heard so far is promising (not a fan of latest video though, dope track/well made but so gross!).

Someone on STMB mentioned his stuff is sounding like a cross between JP and Vex Ruffin which is a pretty good description I think, guess PV will have to do until we get some more Krista (still hopeful!).

Check out Pyramid Vritra’s Bandcamp for a lot of his other music, good stuff here as well!

ps: Soundcloud’s new look is badass!

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Albums of the Year – 2013

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7 Days Of Funk Video Contest

Had planned on working on my Albums of the Year post today but got distracted by doing an entry for Stones Throw’s 7 Days of Funk Video Contest. I noticed how few entries there currently are and how awesome the prizes are (I really want that 7 Days of Funk Boxset!). I doubt I will win anything but I thought it was pretty fun to work on the video. This was my first time editing green screen stuff and I only have Windows Live Movie Maker + iMovie (plus I’m not a great video editor at all!) so the results were meh all together. The bar is pretty low so far with the entries but I’m sure if this contest ends up being anything like ST’s last video contest the professional/skilled video makers will drop entries eventually. Below is my favorite entry so far:

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